Bearty Illustrations

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15 illustrations of typical mistakes on the site. Make your system and boring pages brighter and more attractive. The illustrations will fit perfectly into web pages, mobile applications, or decorate presentations. The most simple and quick adaptation for any creative projects.


  • 15 illustrations of common mistakes

  • 100% Vector & Customizable

  • Perfect for websites, mobile apps or articles

  • Easy and fun to use

  • Changeable colours

  • Supports AI, Figma, SVG and high-res PNG

-Quantity 1+
  • 15 Illustrations

  • Size
    8.38 MB
  • Files
    jpg, ai, svg, fig
  • 15 Illustrations
  • Size8.38 MB
  • Filesjpg, ai, svg, fig
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Bearty Illustrations

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